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It has been demonstrated beyond doubt that engaging in any Sport has a very positive influence on children. Sports builds up the development of self-esteem and self-worth for a child.


It is our intention to make Balloon Day Nurseries accessible to children and families from all sections of the community. We aim to ensure that the community has access to the Nurseries through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures. In order to achieve this aim, we ensure that places are widely advertised. We follow equal opportunities practices and do not make exceptions in the cases of gender, special educational needs, disabilities, background, religion, ethnicity or competence in spoken English. We will consult widely with families about the opening times of the Balloon  Day Nursery to avoid excluding anyone and we try to be as flexible as possible about attendance patterns to accommodate the needs of individual children and their families.

If you have a specific need, we will do our best to accommodate you.

We feel that this is the most important part of what we offer: that we can and do actively cooperate with you in order to accommodate your needs, especially if you are on different shifts weekly or monthly, or if you need us at additional or added times.


Meals are prepared and cooked on the premises by the nursery manager and assisted by a trained member of staff in absence. Meals provide variety and a healthy balanced diet. Wherever possible, individual dietary needs will be met. This is very important for some children, and we like you to talk to us and our team about what we can provide to balance your child’s meal if they have specific requirements.
We look forward to showing you and your family around the Nursery, and introducing you to our staff.

Settling in:

Some of the children at Balloon are happy to settle into a Nursery environment and involve themselves in all activities straight away. Others find it difficult to leave a parent/guardian, whatever their age. We recognise that every child will settle in a different way. We are here to help you with this new and exciting phase of your child’s life. On registering with us we like to discuss with you at your home or in the setting on how you may wish to settle your child. We know that all of our children will get to know the Nursery staff. However on registration, we offer one or two weeks prior to the start date as the child’s setttling in days were you and your child comes to the nursery for two hours on day one, three hours on day three while you spend the first hour with your child and you leave them for two hours –  we advice you stay at the nursery office for the rest of the time while we observe your child through the cctv camera, we will gradually increase the settling in hours for your child before the start day,  each child will be allocated to a member of staff who will be known as their Key Worker we try let the children make there choice by us observing who the child warms up to the most and feel more comfortable with the most among the nursery nurses in there class.


Health and Safety:

Balloon  Day Nurseries have a comprehensive policy on Health and Safety issues covering all aspects from accidents to fire procedures. We regularly carry out fire practices and have regular advice from the relevant agencies. We consider this to be paramount in all that we do, to be outstanding not only in our care of children, but in the way we approach all aspects of our business. Anyone working with food has the appropriate certification and 90% + of staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid procedures.

Clothing essentials:

The Nursery provides specific clothing for the children to wear when they have messy activities, but it’s true, we do lots of activities that make a mess and at times they may still get their clothes dirty. We advise that children wear practical, washable clothing, enabling them to participate fully in all activities. We recommend that clothing and footwear should have suitable fastenings as we encourage children wherever possible to develop their own independence. This includes taking themselves to the toilet as well as taking off, and putting on, outdoor clothes. Clothing which is easy for them to use will make the learning easier. Please send your child to Balloon Day Nursery with suitable outdoor clothing. When necessary, this includes warm coats, gloves, hats and scarves. A named bag containing a spare set of clothing for your child is very useful. All items must be clearly and indelibly named, it just really helps us!

Food and snacks:

Balloon Day Nursery offers a full range of meals and snacks (breakfast,mid-morning snake,lunch and evening tea) as part of our service. Food allergies and dietary needs are required to be registered formally; so that they can be catered for. Here lies a very important part of our philosophy stressing that we are informed appropriately about the needs of your child at the beginning, so we get it right first and every time. The break fast, mid-morning snack and evening tea consists of milk or water to drink and fresh fruit or other snacks to eat. We ensure that mealtimes are sociable, happy occasions and every possible care and attention is taken for your child. Children will, of course, be encouraged to try new foods via different methods, usual food times or special occasions or food tasting sessions for example. As all our food is fresh, we can monitor what food we bring in to the Balloon  Day Nursery. You can be assured that your child will eat well at our  Nursery and most of our children like to eat seconds! thirds!

Toilet training:

We have nappy changing facilities available for our children and when you feel the time is right to start toilet training, we fully support and work with you to ease your child into toilet training. We recommend that you supply several changes of clothes when your child is going through the process and Pull up Nappies. Again this might be a worrying time for parents, but we find that apart from the odd puddle, our children get through this important step quickly with the skill of our staffs and parents as partners. Our children’s toilets are at low level and we provide potties when required. The most important point to stress is that we recognise your child is learning a new skill, and offer patience and support.


If your child is absent for any reason, it is important that you let us know in advance. We may have planned to go on visits off site or are completing tasks involving your child. In the event of your child not being well enough to attend Nursery, would you please keep them at home for 48 hours after the last bout of sickness please? Follow the current guidelines for illness displayed within the setting. You will understand that we need to keep the risk of infection to a minimum for the sake of both children and staff. If your child has an infectious disease we must be made aware of it immediately so that other parents can be informed appropriately. Under NO circumstances will children’s names be disclosed. If your child is taken ill whilst in our care, we will contact one of your emergency contacts immediately. In the interim we will ensure that your child is suitably cared for until being collected. If no one is available at the telephone numbers supplied then staff will act accordingly and always in the best interests of the child. At times, we may need to act quickly for the benefit and safety of the child and therefore seek medical assistance, whether in the form of an ambulance or Doctor.

Medicines, what do we do?:

Medicines will only be administered with written consent from parent/guardians by filling our medication consent form. No other medication will be administered at any time, If your child has a condition which requires medical treatment, for example, life threatening reactions to certain foods including peanuts or eggs, then we will discuss this with you before your child attends the setting in order to make certain that we can fulfil our role correctly. We would require written consent from parent/guardians and the child’s doctor in order for us to administer any medical treatment, which would be documented fully. Staff involved, probably the Key Worker and Manager will need to be given the relevant training by either a Doctor or a qualified nurse, but we cannot be given this by the parent.


Please inform us on the registration form if your child has any allergies. As a matter of usual practise, we will use wipes and high factor sun creams as appropriate, so please inform us if your child has allergies on the @All about me’ form, so we have the information at the beginning. When filling in the form, write ‘none’ if your child does not suffer with any allergies so we have a definitive answer.

General philosophy:

At Balloon Day Nursery we recognise that parent/guardians are the first and foremost educators of their children. Your child’s progress will be carefully monitored and recorded. Each child has a Development File and parent/guardians are welcome to see it at any time, but certainly at Parents Evenings, which we really encourage you to attend. Our policy is to work closely with you and we would welcome your comments at Parents Evenings or when you drop off or collect your children. We are striving to improve at all times and value your opinion. This is an important document as you are encouraged to tell us about your child on a day to day basis. It forms a strong link between the Balloon Day Nursery and home. We are then fully informed and have a better understanding of what you require as a parent/guardian for your child. Our promise is to provide the highest quality of Childcare and Early Years Education and we will discuss your child’s progress with you in detail.

The quality we offer:

Our nursery is designed to suit the needs of young children, with standard rooms, bright, play rooms, all complete with modern indoor equipment and a variety of age appropriate toys. It is important that parents know their children are safe in our care, so all our nursery feature secure access systems throughout.
Our nursery  enjoy the benefit of outdoor space, which is utilised at every opportunity. Our gardens/outdoor areas offer a variety of age appropriate equipment.
Balloon  Day Nurseries combine caring with education by following the Department of Education’s learning framework, the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). Balloon  Day Nursery  believe that learning should be stimulating for young children, so play times are educational as well as fun. Balloon Day Nursery is continuously developing new and exciting ways of encouraging child development in a safe and stimulating environment.
As well as toys, we use real life props, such as brushes and gardening tools, and small-world toys to help build a child’s imagination and language skills. Construction play is also available, such as building blocks, to help children develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness, as well as problem solving. Physical play equipment such as tricycles, balancing beams and tunnels are available to encourage physical activity, as well as creative play to build a child’s imagination, creativity and co-ordination.

A friendly atmosphere is created within our nursery environments, based on warm and caring relationships between our nursery staff and the children in their care. Babies are encouraged to communicate, and their attempts at conversation are valued to ensure they receive an affirming experience, encouraging development, confidence and security. Our nursery environments also support social interaction, including role play, den making, and small group activities, encouraging children to play, talk and learn together. Our nursery staff all act as role models within the setting, and recognise that children lead by example and are constantly learning through observation. Common courtesy, mutual respect and patience are demonstrated at all times throughout our settings.

Your child is allocated a ‘Key Person’ within their room, who is responsible for your child’s well-being, ensuring your child feels individual, secure and cherished while they are away from home. Your child’s Key Person will liaise with you at the end of each day, keeping you informed of your child’s experiences at nursery and ensuring you don’t have to miss out on any aspect of your child’s day.

Nursery staff carry out regular observations of every child in our care, ensuring your child’s learning and development incorporates their interests and needs. These observations cover all areas of development according to the EYFS, as well as records of special moments, like kindness towards others or eating something for the first time, and spontaneous moments, which captures your child’s response to certain activities or events as they happen. All of your child’s experiences at nursery are recorded in their Development Files, which go home at the end of your child’s time at the setting or to the school of your choice.

Transition to reception in a school of your choice , we get it right Balloon Day Nursery do all they can to prepare your child for school. Actions and activities are in place to encourage pre-schoolers to become independent, encouraging activities like serving themselves at meal times, washing hands, and taking off their own coats. Your child’s new school will be given a Transition Document from Balloon day Nursery, which will include all the information on your child’s development at nursery. Your child’s teacher will be invited to come to the setting and talk to, get to know and develop a relationship with your child if at all possible before they go to school. We pride ourselves in this close association with Primary schools and think it is essential to have strong links with other institutions for the good of our children at Balloon day Nursery.

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